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The main purpose of LySEF is to enhance collaboration between the member institutions.

Logistical plans, field activities and other information will be announced in presentations twice a year.
The presentations given can be viewed/downloaded here.


Presentations of activities 2011:


UNIS aktiviteter 2011 Presentert av Martin Indreiten (UNIS)
NP aktiviteter 2011 Presentert av Jon E. Guldahl (NP)
SSF aktiviteter 2011 Presentert av Elke Morgner (SSF)
Samfunns og næringsanalysen 2009 - en kortversjon Sammenstilt og presentert av Turid Telebond (LL)
Forskningsprosjektet SIOS Presentert av Ragnhild Rønneberg (NFR)

Presentations of activities 2010:


UNIS aktiviteter 2010 Presentert av Martin Indreiten (UNIS)

Presentations of activities 2009:


UNIS activity in summer and autumn 2009 Presented by Fred S. Hansen (UNIS)
The Governor in Svalbard - updates May 2009 Presented by Tor Punsvik (Sysselmannen på Svalbard/ The Governor of Svalbard)
Update on EISCAT and SSF activities - May 2009 Presented by Lisa Baddeley (EISCAT)
NPI - activities winter/spring/summer 2009 Presented by Cecilie H. von Quillfeldt                              (Norsk Polarinstitutt)
Information from EISCAT regarding 2008 and future plans 2009 Presented by Lisa Baddeley (EISCAT)
Information from The Governor of Svalbard Presented by Tor Punsvik                                           (Sysselmannen på Svalbard/The Governor of Svalbard)
Activities in SSF 2009 Presented by Christiane Hübner                                 (Svalbard Science Forum)

Presentations of activities 2008:


UNIS projects - logistics 2008 Presented by Fred Schanke Hansen                    (Universitetssenteret på Svalbard)
NPI- introduction Presented by Kim Holmén (Norsk Polarinstitutt)
EISCAT - introduction Presented by Lisa Baddeley (EISCAT)
The Governor of Svalbard - future plans Presented by Tor Punsvik                                           (Sysselmannen på Svalbard/The Governor of Svalbard)
SSF - introduction Presented by Marzena Kaczmarska                                 (Svalbard Science Forum)



Logistical equipment used for field-work purposes. LySEF seeks to coordinate activities and collaborate on logistics in the best environmental and economical way.
(Photos: UNIS)



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