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Organisational structure, regulations and policies


§ 1 Mission statement


  • To ensure cooperation and communication between all parties with an interest in research and education.
  • To exchange information between member institutions on existing and planned scientific activities.
  • Facilitate coordination of activities and utilization of resources between the member institutions.
  • To liaise with Svalbard Science Forum (SSF) in order to strengthen cooperation between the scientific community in Longyearbyen and scientific institutions and groupings at other sites on Svalbard.
  • Contribute to high environmental standards during scientific operations on Svalbard.


§ 2 Participants/Membership/Leadership


  • Institutions/organizations that are willing to commit to the goals of the forum can be accepted as participants in the forum
  • All participating institutions/organisations should pay an annual fee. This fee should be set during the autumn meeting every year. Currently the annual fee is NOK 5000,-.
  • All institutions/organisations that are given admission into the forum have one official vote regarding elections, the annual fee and statements.
  • In matters of changing the mandate consensus must be reached.
  • The Chair and the vice chair should be elected for two years, in order to lead the meetings and to function as a point of contact for the forum.
  • Member institutions/organisations are free to leave LySEF or change their status from ‘member’ to ‘observer’ at any time. A written document, detailing the reasons for this change, must be submitted a minimum of 4 weeks prior to a scheduled LySEF meeting. The institution/organisation must be prepared to attend the meeting to discuss the reasons detailed in the document.

§ 3 Secretariat

  • Secretarial support will be required for the forum and this will constitute funding of about NOK 50.000,-. This will cover preparations for the secretariat and all other costs connected to the secretariat and the meetings.
  • The secretariat is held by The University Centre in Svalbard, UNIS.
  • The function and funding needs of the secretariat should be revaluated after the first year of accomplishment.


§ 4 Meetings

  • Two yearly meetings of LySEF will be held.
  • The meetings should be held in late autumn and late spring (before the commencement of the field-season). This scheduling of the meetings will be considered a trial arrangement during the first year of function.


§ 5 Outputs

  • Mutual exchange of information to enhance cooperation and coordination.
    This could be achieved in a variety of ways, such as:

          - Possibilities for joint logistical efforts
          - Spin-offs from research projects to educational projects
          - Information exchange to avoid conflicts between member institutions.
          - To promote “Svalbard Science Centre” as a meeting point between
             science and the public.

  • Establish a WEB-page

          - Information about LySEF
          - Posting of presentations and minutes


One of the outputs of LySEF will be to promote The Svalbard Science Centre as a meeting point between science and the public. This includes to involve the school and the kindergardens into the research going on in Longyearbyen, and to cooperate more closely with the tourist institutions e.g. Svalbard Museum and Svalbard Reiseliv.
(Photos: Frank Nilsen and Eva Therese Jenssen/ UNIS)




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